Cambridge Checkpoints QCE Legal studies Units 1-4 Second Edition

Cambridge Checkpoints QCE Legal studies Units 1-4 Second Edition

Cambridge Checkpoints QCE Legal studies Units 1-4 Second Edition

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Prepare your students for QCE success with the very best revision and exam preparation support available for Queensland.

Cambridge Checkpoints QCEstudy guides are written by highly experienced Queensland teachers, including curriculum developers and examination review panel members, making these guides essential preparation tools for students’ summative external assessment.

The newCambridge Checkpoints QCEstudy guides are the ideal companion to textbook resources and the perfect year-round study tool to guide students towards success in their QCE. They provide essential revision and exam preparation support to equip your students with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need, including:

  • an overview of the entire Year 11 and Year 12 syllabus, supported by summaries and maps where relevant, as well as assessment-related activities
  • a focus on understanding concepts and consolidating the key knowledge and skills required for the summative external assessment
  • guidance on revision in preparation for examinations
  • advice on how to approach the summative external assessment
  • practice summative external assessment-type questions with worked solutions or annotated responses

New in 2022-Cambridge Checkpoints QCEnow includes access toCambridge Digital Checkpoints QCEto help you prepare for your exams anytime and anywhere with:

  • an online, interactive and responsive version of your study guide that is optimised for reading on your tablet, mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer
  • videos summarising important concepts you need to remember
  • QuizMeMore additional auto- or self-marking questions for additional revision.


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