Hooking Students into Learning – in all curriculum areas

Hooking Students into Learning – in all curriculum areas
Hooking Students into Learning – in all curriculum areas
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Best selling author of theHow to write what you want to sayseries,Patricia Hipwell, has completed hermagnum opuswhich will benefit all teachers from Year 4 – Year 12.

This book has been written to provide teachers with ways of ‘hooking’ students into learning at the start of each and every lesson. It contains almost 300 ways of doing this. The book is designed to be used by teachers in all curriculum areas from Year 4 upwards. It contains a plethora of ideas that can be adapted to any curriculum area. In the book, the term relevant or subject-specific content is used a great deal. This is because skills are always best developed in the context of use with content that is relevant to current areas of study. There is little point, for example, in asking students to do an activity that developstheir sentence-writing skills using information on Ancient Greece when they are currentlystudying the Black Death. The symbiotic relationship between content and skills meansthat teachers often have to develop their own resources, because this enables them tofocus on the skills using relevant and current content.

Variously referred to as anticipatory sets, warm‑ups, lesson starters or ‘hooks’, theactivities in this book are excellent ways to ‘switch students on’ to their learning. In thisbook the activities will be referred to as lesson starters. Their purposes include:

● moving key facts and figures from short-term to long-term memory
● activating prior knowledge about a topic (where prior knowledge exists)
● awakening interest in the topic of the lesson
● checking for understanding
● improving a variety of skills
● developing learning strategies
● improving vocabulary
● developing collaborative learning strategies.

Most of these activities are designed to take between five and ten minutes at the start ofthe lesson. Students may take longer until they become familiar with them, especially if theactivities are different from current learning activities. Many of the activities will work bestif students work in pairs or small groups. Some activities can generate noise and thereforebe unsettling, so teachers will need to be mindful of this when choosing a particularactivity. They may prefer to do the activity at the end rather than the start of a lesson. Inthis case, the purpose of the activity is to consolidate the learning of the lesson.

The focus of many of the activities is to increase the amount of reading and writing we require students to do. Also, students need to develop their vocabulary in all areas of the curriculum and many of the activities have been developed with this in mind.

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